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Chaca Recreation and Retreat Center North District

  • Team Opportunity

Service Opportunity Vision

To have a completed Camp ground for many uses.

Service Opportunity Description

4 stages of finishing the already half finished camp ground. The 1st phase is to finish the men and women bathrooms and the swimming pool ($7,500). Phase 2 is to finish the multi purpose sanctuary and the kitchen ($7,800). Phase 3 is to finish the water tank and a shaded area in front of the sanctuary ($5,900). Phase 4 is to finish the well, the old church, picnic and camping area, cabins with only roof, showers and water pump - also plants and fence around the grounds ($8,000). The recreation center is presently being used for childrens camps, youth events, pastors retreats and leadership events.

Scheduled Team Trips

There are currently no team trips scheduled for this project.