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Chihuahua Border Initiative Training Center

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Service Opportunity Vision

This training center will be used for the coordination of the Border Initiative on the Mexico side of the border. This center will be first able to house a missionary that will be coordinating the work of the border initiative along the US/Mexico border, working together with the Border Initiative staff in El Paso, Texas. This center will also house groups that come to help plant church in Chihuahua as well house training sessions for volunteers as they work with the initiative. This is a key location as it is exactly in the middle of the border. Chihuahua is a secure location and is City of over 1 Million People.

Service Opportunity Description

The project is to remodel a building that the Area office was given this last year. It will be a two story building that first an apartment for the missionary. The second phase will be to provide dorms for groups. Eventually we would like to have classrooms. There will also be a space used for storage in the building for Compassionate Ministry supplies as they cross the border and then distributed throughout the the country as needed. You can fly into El Paso, Texas and drive 4 hours down with the Border Initiative staff. Or there is an international airport in Chihuahua, Chihuahua. (Airport Code: CUU) Although this is focused on construction of a much needed training center. There will be other ministry opportunities as the city of Chihuahua has few churches in a large city. There will be a local contractor on site to help guide the team in the construction.

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There are currently no team trips scheduled for this project.

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