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Hurricane Harvey - South Texas District

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Service Opportunity Vision

Responding to the needs of individuals and churches from Hurricane Harvey in September of 2017 affecting Southeast Texas.

Service Opportunity Description

Bringing comfort, aid, restoration, and/or helping with clean-up efforts to Southeast Texas communities and Nazarene ministries through a variety of tasks.

Scheduled Team Trips

January 13–21, 2018Closed Trip
January 13–24, 2018Contact the team leader
January 14–23, 2018Closed Trip
January 16–23, 2018Closed Trip
January 27–28, 2018Contact the team leader
January 28 – February 9, 2018Contact the team leader
February 1–12, 2018Closed Trip
February 18–22, 2018Contact the team leader
March 11–16, 2018Closed Trip

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